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Create games, let us worry about the technology! Diesel Engine is a comprehensive set of interfaces and tools that allows game makers to create powerful game and other multimedia applications quickly and easily. Diesel Engine offers support for the wide range of devices and operating systems, from desktop PCs to the Symbian handhelds. By using the Diesel Engine platform, application developers can concentrate into creating innovative products for users to enjoy.

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Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine SDK suppors a wide variety of
devices and operating systems: Desktop
Windows, Windows CE devices (HandheldPC, PocketPC, Smartphone), Symbian OS.

Powerful technologies:
Real-time, game console quality 3D-graphics. Exceptionally wide interface for real-time 2D-graphics. Sound mixing, capable of hundreds of simultaneous sound effects with complete
playback control in real-time.

Proved efficiency:
Multiple highly acclaimed commercial game titles released since 2001. Diesel Engine has been used successfully in numerous research projects worldwide.

Easy and fast to create applications:
Powerful wizards allow creating a new application
in matter of seconds. All necessary tools to
import 3D-objects, animations and other content
are provided with the Diesel Engine package.
Plug-in applications allow a direct export from 3D Studio MAX. Powerful and easily extensible API
for the programmers.